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Good day, my dear subscribers, today I will tell you about interesting project called Criptoro (CTRO Coin), In the categories of Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), the most widely popular and used is the exchange. This time we will discuss about the IEO with base Criptoro which has no less popular with other IEO. The most attractive to investors from the IEO is the requirement of the Exchange. Requirement of the exchange usually have seriousness in making a platform, and with a team of professionals. However, there was a bit of a competitor in categories, we have to be clever in selecting the IEO and professional in our invest funds into a project like this. Not a few who brought a blur of funds investors by making false categories about the exchange. To select the categories of IEO who have deserved quality IEO invested. I will give the best tips for you the reader of this article. For those of you who continue to hunt IEO tips is very suitable for you to use. Through years of remote, outsourced and freelance work, we realized the necessity for a united platform allowing people with talent to join forces through a structured eco-system. Thus, we created CRIPTORO, a unique Blockchain Launchpad enabling business founders, freelancers and developers to collaborate, grow and achieve their full potential

Criptoro platform is a decentralized finance, is one of the most popular financial concepts today, based on decentralized Blockchain technology making DeFi a solution to various financial problems that occur today. The Decentralized Financial Ecosystem that was introduced to everyone has had people flocking to try and use the DeFi Ecosystem. CTRO-DeFi is one of the evolved DeFi platforms that tries to improve the current DeFi Market for the better and provides an alternative with more Crypto Options than its competitors. The act of crypto-marketing has come to stay and this has made market of Cryptocurrency function in its liqudity form.

Criptoro project is an open-source Blockchain project built on the Ethereum blockchain, CTRO Token is dedicated to connecting talented professionals and their target community members. Combining all the services founders need to develop their business, CRIPTORO platform creates App the perfect conditions for your success.

What is Criptoro Coin?

Criptoro Coin is a project which will harness the amazing potential of blockchain technology to create an enormous platform with a diverse community of people and enterprises cooperating to develop great ideas and solutions into successful businesses. Criptoro is working to create the best multi-service and multi-product as a first fintech / technology company in the world, with an online marketplace.

We believe that our IEO launch with Emirex exchange enables Criptoro coin supporters and Emirex users to have a smooth and convenient experience in participating in our pre-sale for the CTRO token. We trust that Emirex exchange will also offer a great CTRO Token pre-sale experience for everyone who is interested to purchase CTRO tokens at an early stage.


Are you an ambitious developer with a promising project? A freelancer eager to showcase your skills? Or a forward-thinking investor excited to embark on a new venture? Have you already opened 10+ accounts on different platforms hoping you will find what you’re looking for? But, even then, you can’t sell your design, get hired; join a project in one place… not anymore!


CRIPTORO combines the three elements necessary to take a business to the next level: Innovative Tech, a Stable Investment Platform and Funding opportunities, and last but not least, CRIPTORO Community of Professionals, Investors and Customers.

Because we believe in fairness, CRIPTORO doesn’t force developers to tokenize their CTRO but, instead, tokenizes their equity shares. With project founding available worldwide, we enable those with the potential to grow, even in lesser developed areas. Through CRIPTORO unique sharing-orientated platform, developers are able to collaborate on different projects and freely trade strategies, skills and procedures.


● Value / exchange rate

● More tokens lower fees

● Option to use it as a payment gateway

● Transaction speed

● Decentralization

● Low transaction fee


● Communication with people throughout the community

● Airdrops from crowdfunded projects

● Services (freelancer, marketplace, find team)

● Possibility to earn income from services

● Filling your team positions on one place

● Option to crowdfund your project

● CTRO Wallet

● Taking part in polls

● Community which is combined of people who are in crypto and ones who are not

● Lowest fees on the market

● Worldwide connection for market / token is not a must

● Benefiting from projects we fund or ones who get crowdfund


● Better price (discounted)

● Making Idea possible

● Rewards for all crowdfunded and funded tokens (for every community user who holds CTRO Tokens. No matter if they invest)


● Token sales

● Looking for partner — pay to post

● Freelancer fee & services

● Marketplace fee & services

● Crowdfunding success fee


The project will be completed in 3 stages:

1. Launch-App

2. Wallet

3. Project founding — Crowdfunding

Stage I: The Launch of Criptoro-App

Creating the Launchpad is the first stage of the entire project. Criptoro launchapp is the platform’s layer which helps startups scale up by selling to global retailers and distributors.

Stage II: CTRO-Wallet

Stage Two of the project will be a wallet that supports all tokens forged through CRIPTORO, connected to one of the major exchanges to help projects get more visibility. Moreover, crowdfunding options will be exclusively available through mobile wallet.

Stage III: Founding

No matter how great the strategy or how passionate you are, your success ultimately depends on careful strategic planning and sound financial management. It’s vital you keep records of every financial transaction to know exactly where your money is coming from — and where it’s going!


An ecosystem in which everyone benefits from each other. Comprised of talented professionals meeting and cooperating, along with investors supporting their projects and able to track and communicate with development teams. Inside the safe and protected Criptoro ecosystem, new projects are able to gain their own followers and community in parallel with development on the Criptoro platform.


In that sense, Criptoro Coin is my approach to improving a world somewhere. A shared climate in which business operators, designers and financial experts from anywhere in the world enhance one another. The stage where a passionate individual can be attracted to his peers to thrive and make a life of value for themselves. Criptoro platform is comprised of talented professionals meeting and cooperating, along with investors supporting their projects and able to track and communicate with development teams. Inside the safe and protected Criptoro Coin ecosystem, new projects are able to gain their own followers and community in parallel with development on the platform.

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