Volare Network — The Future of Decentralized Financial System, Power by EQBR Blockchain’s Technology in Ecosystem


The presence of blockchain headway and cryptographic money has permitted incalculable clients across the world to accomplish protection, opportunity and consistency. The possibility of decentralization in the crypto space is to give clients authority over their assets, undertakings and security with no impedance from banks and outsiders. Additionally, decentralization handles the issue of contamination, wasteful associations and essential disappointments inside the monetary design.

I would like to talk about Volare (mVOLR Coin) Network Project which is one of the most concrete, transparent and clear projects I have seen in recent years. In fact, the project is based on a company that has been in business early this year 2022. The company’s business areas are location App Store (IOS platform) tracking, IOT, Mesh Networks.

The global market and the way it relates to the digital assets has made the use of cryptocurrencies very crucial to all financial users. The era of fiats currency is rapidly wrapping up and now the next thing now is cryptocurrencies. All that has to be done now is to set up a gallant payment structure that will make cryptocurrencies very resourceful and that is no problem at all because the arrival of Volare Network Service on the blockchain has made the perfect solution to payment available to all users of the blockchain. This solution to payment is very cheap and can be used whether or not you have experience with the blockchain. All there is to it is the new $mVOLR Wallet Application that will be installed in your devices.

What is Volare Network?

Volare Network offers a substantial technological breakthrough as the first commercially viable blockchain network based on the strengths enabled by Equilibrium`s technology, strong scalability, and speed. This represents the aspirational essence to create a genuinely commercial blockchain ecosystem.


· Easy to use

· Earn Revenue

· Privacy Protected

· Promote Your App

Volare Network platform is Faster and Easier Deposit and Whitdrawal Methods, especially within developing countries, there is an inherent need for easy deposit and withdrawal services. Using mVOLR Tokens, Powered by EQBR Blockchain Technology, and combination of local deposit and other smart pay system, deposit and withdrawal have make easier by using Whisper_MSG App. It is safe, secure, trackable and fully transparent.


• Volare Network is a decentralized financial confirmation platform that use to received and send fund as a means of payment based companies or organizations. This network is totally a transparent system. It is an open source which doesn’t has any entry barriers.

• Trust-less As users always concern about the trustworthiness of the network, VOLARE, The First Commercial Blockchain Network from EQBR Technology for trust by making all transactions transparent, decentralized, and protected.

• Identity-less To protect the privacy of all the users, all the location data is stored anonymously. This is done by a cryptographic method which is called Proof of Origin.

In this Network, there will be used VOLR Utility Token which is called Volare Network. So in the platform transactions will be made by using this token. As a part of this platform, users can use the web app. In this App, users can do queries of the object they want to track. For example, they can monitor their package’s or vehicle’s location instantly. All of the queries will be realized using intelligent contracts without intermediaries what is the main difference of this Project from traditional tracking services? The main difference is that Volare Network greatly reduces the risk of location spoofing via using blockchain technology. And the second one is it will make easier to reach tracking devices in our daily life. In fact, the network system resembles the Proof of Work system. The Project Team calls their system as a “Proof of Origin”. There are Diviners which provides answers to the location questions. And the diviner which gives the best answer is awarded mVOLR Tokens which are spent while querying via Volare Networ. Apps. On the other hand, Bridges and Sentinels which provides data are also awarded by this system.

This change in network structure will also yield numerous application points in the field of blockchain technology, such as the innovation enabled by the micro service architecture, and will directly lead to the accelerated commercialization of blockchain technology.

So VOLR Tokens will not only be an exchange token but also they will be in our daily life. If the project goes well, it has got the potential of making life easier and profitable.


Volare Network Open Chain Access Protocol enables your application to adapt to a variety of blockchain protocols including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and more. The Open Chain Access Protocol will be open sourced with an HTML license so that everyone in the blockchain community will be able to contribute, create extensions, and make improvements. Volare Network will develop the protocol in private mode, then open source it once reach the release candidate milestone. Application developers can choose from several different blockchains, node types, and deployment types. Volare Network Chain Adaptors are the implementations that make the Whisper_MSG Open Chain Access Layer possible. And Chain Adapters that have been developed or improved by the community will be made available in the Volare Network marketplace so that everyone can use them. The people who contributed to the adapter will receive rewards when others use it.

For more Inquiry Connect to Volare Network

Website: https://volare.network/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/volare_official

Telegram: https://t.me/volareofficial

Medium: https://medium.com/@Volare_Official

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIB26JuIgcg36faGVgPTzpA

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